Academic Bio

Artist Bio

Marcos Beccari was born in São Paulo (Brazil) and his current work can be described as narrative impressionistic realism. At age 12, he learned to draw by selling caricatures and portraits on the street, at craft fairs in São Paulo. Specializing in watercolor paint, he began painting at the age of 18 in Curitiba (Brazil). After ten years of studying, he began selling professionally at age 27, when he had his first solo show, “Temperaturas cotidianas” (daily temperatures). In the same year, he was selected among the twenty Top New Artist Names by the DesignCollector Network.

Through the teaching experience, Beccari’s art has evolved over time to become more synthetic and expressive. Though still maintaining figures as his prime subject matter, and still with a realistic language, he is telling more stories and his watercolors are becoming more thematic. Beccari’s main reference artists are Anders Zorn, John S. Sargent, Joaquín Sorolla, Edward Hopper and Saul Leiter (photographer). On a constant quest to push new boundaries, he is persistent in painting daily from photographs, always translating the lighting through new chromatic compositions.

Beccari currently works and resides in Curitiba (Brazil).